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January / December 1996

Network News
by Michelle Delio
It’s 1995: Do you know what your modem is? A direct line to AIDS news—and chitchat

1995 POZ Honors
by David Tinmouth
POZ honors the sublime, the ridiculous, the dangerous and the heroic moments of the past year. Gone, regrettably, does not mean forgotten.

1995 POZ Honors: It's An Ad World
by David Tinmouth
Sorry Mr. Duke, they only come in black

1995 POZ Honors: Role Models
by David Tinmouth
It's like Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid remade as a spaghetti Western

1995 POZ Honors: Pope Innocent He's Not
by David Tinmouth
You say beatification, we say beautification

1995 POZ Honors: Arts
by David Tinmouth
Congress should stop shooting down the arts—and aim for the critics instead

1995 POZ Honors: Foreign Affairs
by David Tinmouth
Not one to be left behind, Newt has asked his mom to pen an American version

1995 POZ Honors: Hollywood
by David Tinmouth
At least schmooze is better than booze

1995 POZ Honors: Law
by David Tinmouth
Selling liquor on Sundays, however, would remain unjustifiable

1995 POZ Honors: Media
by David Tinmouth
We already knew O.J. was squeezed from a fruit

1995 POZ Honors: Movies
by David Tinmouth
And then he tugged down his jacket and said "make it so"

1995 POZ Honors: Politics
by David Tinmouth
You win some, you lose some

1995 POZ Honors: Research
by David Tinmouth
Decisions, decisions

1995 POZ Honors: Eating Your Young
by David Tinmouth
Empty calories

Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie and HIV
by Casey Davidson
Eagle Scout Henry Nicols likes blondes, cars and "sex on the beach." Talking with him you wonder: When does a normal young man in extraordinary circumstances become an extraordinary young man?

Hollywood Shuffles AIDS
by Richard Natale
This past fall marked the 10th anniversary of Rock Hudson's death from AIDS and the true beginning of Hollywood's AIDS activism. It is a milestone of sorts for the entertainment community and an appropriate moment to pause and measure what has been accomplished, as well as what still needs to be done.

The Newest AIDS Treatment Is Not a Drug
by Bob Lederer and Kathy DeLeon
Mind/body medicine is on the brink of a major leap forward—if funding doesn't dry up first

Banned in the U.S.A.
by Bert Archer
April Fool's Day is Bryce Courtenay's book about his son Damon and his experience with AIDS in Australia, and despite being a bestseller in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, if the New York City publishing cartel has its way, it will never be published in the United States.

Mind Over Health Matters
by Scott Williams
Candles, statuettes, incense and nostalgic personal tokens adorn Carie Ford-Broecker's living room altar and a sweeping window view of the deep blue Monterey Bay frames this corner of her cozy home where she comes to meditate and visualize.

Party Planner
by Cathay Che
Gregory Hinton brings a new AIDS film to the screen

Industrial Strength
by Evan Forster
Michael Kearns may never eat lunch in Hollywood again, so hold that highchair

Prosper, and Live Long
The main difference between a list of immune-enhancing behaviors and a list of common psychological characteristics of long-term AIDS survivors is the title you put on it.

Worse Things He Could Do
by Erik Meers
Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis settled into his seat on the New York City subway last fall on his way to perform in the Off-Broadway show and former Dan Butler vehicle The Only Thing Worse You Could Have Told Me..., and quickly fell into rapt thought.

Get Bothered
by Andrew Velez
"I was seriously obsessed with music, but until Red Hot, I'd never worked in the music industry," says Paul Heck, the 28-year-old co-producer of Red Hot + Bothered, the sixth project from the Red Hot Organization.

Health Insured?
by Catherine Hanssens
If there is one issue people with HIV are virtually guaranteed to encounter, it is the issue of health care insurance and access. HIV can be a severe barrier to getting and maintaining health coverage, a problem that typically worsens with the advancement of the disease.

See Span
by Tim Horn
For many PWAs -- especially those with infections caused by cytomegalovirus (CMV) -- the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) decision to approve an oral version of the anti-CMV drug Cytovene (ganciclovir) at the beginning of this year was a blessing.

by Sean Strub
Clinton didn't inhale, but some of us need to

Health Insured
by Catherine Hanssens
The ADA offers new hope of preserving coverage

Mind Over Health Matters
by Scott Williams
Carie Ford-Broecker thinks positively to become negative

Rhymes and Reason, Too
by Casey Davidson
Spearhead takes the rap about safer sex into the black community

Industrial Strength
by Evan Forster
Michael Kearns may never eat lunch in Hollywood again, so hold that highchair

Party Planner
by Cathay Che
Gregory Hinton brings a new AIDS film to the screen

Banned in the U.S.A
by Bert Archer
Aussie AIDS author alienated

Hollywood Shuffles AIDS
by Richard Natale
"Hollywood often leads the way for America."

X-ray Visions
by Kiki Mason
Is that spot on Kiki’s lung just a misplaced Percodan?

A Little Personal Attention
by River Huston
Single, ambisexual sex columnist seeks adventure

Symptoms? Persist!
by Evelyn C. White
Fever, fatigue, diarrhea and nausea are not "just AIDS"

See Span
by Tim Horn
Can oral ganciclovir prevent vision loss?

Butter's Not All Bad
by Kathy DeLeon
Dr. Bernard Bihari takes a look at Sean O. Strub’s cholesterol levels

Pas de Deux
by John Servillo
Dancer Arturo Fernandez lives step by step with HIV

C'mon and Celebrate
by Bruce Bibby
Party girl Margaret Cho goes willingly into scary territory

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