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Most Popular Lessons

The HIV Life Cycle


Herpes Simplex Virus

Syphilis & Neurosyphilis

Treatments for Opportunistic Infections (OIs)

What is AIDS & HIV?

Hepatitis & HIV

February 1998

Marked Man
by Peter Kurth
To Activism’s Einstein, E=HIV

Warts and All
by Bill Strubbe
If you thought teenage acne was tough, HIV has an unsightly surprise in store for you

Cracker Jack
by Stephen Greco
A downtown artist mixed mediums and metaphors

Names Will Never Hurt You?
by Anna Forbes
Just like Poltergeist, mandatory HIV name reporting is back—but this time the battle lines are redrawn

War on the Warts
by Bill Strubbe
Dr. Lark Lands, POZ science editor and author of the upcoming book Positively Well: Living with HIV as a Chronic, Manageable, Survivable Disease, has found that nutritional supplements help combat warts and the seemingly intractable molluscum by improving overall skin health.

Rub a Drug Flub
A doc’s penmanship may be mightier than the sword

Déjà Vu
Whose standard of care is bigger? It’s a draw. The HIV treatment guidelines put out by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. branch of the International AIDS Society (IAS) are virtually identical.

Green Means Go
San Francisco researchers stoked up the victory pipe as the feds gave a green light to medical marijuana studies.

The Cutting Edge
Uncut males are more likely to get HIV due to the tissue-paper-like thinness of the foreskin.

Sealed w/KS
Research indicating that PWAs who have Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) may develop AIDS more slowly than others got a lukewarm welcome from experts.

Shalala Infections
As the movement to fund needle exchange gained momentum Congress passed, and Clinton signed, a bill freezing the power of HHS Secretary Donna Shalala to fund syringe swaps until April 1, 1998.

An Ad Is an Ad Is an Ad
When is a “Be Smart” ad not a “Be Smart” ad? When it’s a Combivir ad.

ADAP Tapped
Newsflash: ADAP’s going broke! Thirty of the nation’s 50 AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs) are either closed to new clients or anticipate budget disasters.

Trojan Wars
The World’s Toughest Condom title is still up for grabs, as Ramses backed down from claims that its love glove beats the competition.

Girls on Trial
Reactions were mixed to the FDA’s proposed rule that drug companies may no longer exclude women from clinical trials for reproductive reasons.

The Pill Drill
The Pill got a dose of bad press as research in the Lancet suggested a link between oral contraceptives and HIV transmission.

Say What
AIDS: You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Tapped for Greatness
by Dennis Levy
A Tribute: When I first met Harriet Browne in 1995, she was an elegant, attractive 63-year-old.

My Brother
Kincaid may be haunted by memory, but she faces her fears by giving them voice.

Honey, Mud, Maggots, and Other Medical Marvels
The Science Behind Folk Remedies and Old Wives' Tales

Carmine’s Story
Carmine pulls no punches. He won’t smile at the camera if he doesn’t feel like it and he’s honest about his feelings of isolation.

There Is Hope: Learning to Live With HIV
Up till now there hasn’t been an A-to-Z reference book to help a newly diagnosed person with HIV cope with all aspects of the illness.

Crocodile Tears
Ted Sod, the writer and star of this independent film, is not afraid to let the grubby hem of his Freudian slip show.

The Kinsey Sicks
AZT now has its own tune. San Francisco’s “dragapella” group The Kinsey Sicks has set irony-laden lyrics about HIV to the Jackson Five’s “ABC.”

Two beat-down jazz musicians (Tupac Shakur and Tim Roth) decide to kick their heroin habits because their lives are getting too, well, scary.

Toronto’s Community AIDS Treatment Information Exchange provides much-needed information about the options available to Canadian PWAs.

Cocktails: The Morning After
Kidney stones, diarrhea, diabetes, liver toxicity, high triglycerides—and now “protease paunch.”

Patrolling the Borders
Handling HIV is a challenge for anyone, but for immigrants HIV is a totally tangled web.

The art of cocktail chatter

Instruments of Infection
Some recent outbreaks of drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis have been blamed on contaminated bronchoscopes.

Hiccup Blues
by Larry Lyle, DO
I heard that hiccups could be a sign of serious complications in PWAs—what’s the deal?

A New Kind of Waisting
Justly famous for extending or even saving lives, protease inhibitors (PIs) are becoming just as famous for their drawbacks, such as cross-resistance and interactions with other medications.

.38 Caliber
by Janis Giorgi, PhD
Make way for the new CD cell on the block. Sean had better get down for the count

The Labors for Your Fruits
by Lark Lands, PhD
Every year in North America, 33 million people are made ill by food-borne infections, 9,000 of whom don’t survive.

Barbed Comments
by Interview by Manjula Martin
Barb Cardell is used to talking about sex. But since the 33-year-old was last profiled in POZ, both her safer-sex outreach work with the Boulder County AIDS Project and her own treatment have gone through some transformations.

Party Planner
by Becky Minnich
No “regrets only” to Tim Williams’ HIV

Hollywood Golightly
by Mark Alpert
A former party girl reveals the myth behind the 90210 zip code

At the End of My Hope

Criminal Body

I Got All My Sistahs With Me
by River Huston

Primo Chemo

by Sean Strub
HIV predator stories have become a media staple

by Staff

POZ Stars

Jon Fryman, an accomplished Los Angeles-based artist, died on October 27, 1997    

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