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October 31, 2006
Judge Bars NYC Rent Hike for Positive People
A federal judge granted an injunction yesterday barring a steep rent increase for the 2,200 HIV positive adults in New York City who live in subsidized housing. 
Iraq War Saps Global AIDS War
Stephen Lewis, U.N. special envoy for AIDS in Africa, told journalists that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are undermining the world’s ability to fund the fight against AIDS, costing millions of additional lives.
October 30, 2006
South African Health Ministry Holds the Garlic
After years of hostile relations, the South African government has begun meeting with the nation’s leading AIDS org, the Treatment Action Campaign, to help expand access to antiretrovirals.
Feds Steal a Million From New Hampshire
The feds are cutting a million dollars in AIDS funds from southeastern New Hampshire, the region where 70% of the state’s positive people live, according the the Boston Globe
October 27, 2006
New Jersey Abstains From Feds’ Sex-ed
New Jersey officials penned a letter to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt this week rejecting federal funding for sex education because it stipulated that the state must offer kids abstinence-only ed.
Homophobia Fuels AIDS in Zimbabwe
Extreme homophobia and laws criminalizing gay sex in Zimbabwe cause even AIDS service organizations to turn away gay men seeking HIV information and treatment, according to the activist group Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe.
October 26, 2006
POZ and Magic Johnson Talk HIV on Oprah
Today Oprah discusses AIDS in America and rising HIV rates in women and the black community with guests including Magic Johnson, POZ editor in chief Regan Hofmann and POZ community outreach coordinator Marvelyn Brown. 
Global Fund’s Bucks Going Nowhere Fast
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria needs a better system to help countries implement the Fund’s $5.8 billion in grants on the ground, according to a report released yesterday by the Center for Global Development.
What POZ Staffers Told Oprah About HIV
Today Oprah talked with POZ editor in chief Regan Hofmann and POZ community outreach coordinator Marvelyn Brown (among others) about life with HIV—and about American women’s lack of awareness that they, too, are at risk of infection. 
October 25, 2006
Oprah Examines AIDS in America
Tomorrow’s Oprah Winfrey Show includes interviews with POZ editor in chief Regan Hofmann, POZ community outreach coordinator Marvelyn Brown and four other women discussing their experiences living with HIV. 
Positive Kids Face Eviction
A district court in Taiwan has ruled that Harmony House, a home for HIV positive children and adults with nowhere else to go, must move due to complaints from neighbors.
October 24, 2006
Here Comes Routine Testing
Howard University Hospital in Washington D.C. yesterday became the first hospital in the nation to offer routine HIV testing for all patients in response to new guidelines from the federal Centers for Disease Control. 
A Leprosy Link
HIV positive people in developing countries are in some rare cases developing leprosy after starting antiretroviral treatment, the New York Times reports.
October 23, 2006
18 Million AIDS Orphans?
More than 18 million African children will have lost their parents to AIDS by 2010 if death rates don’t subside, according to the UN.
Ugandans Open Wide
Uganda’s first-ever dental clinic for people with HIV opened last week with funds from the British High Commission. 
October 20, 2006
GAO to Feds: Don’t Lie About Condoms
The Government Accountability Office issued a statement yesterday reminding the Department of Health and Human Services that all information issued about condoms and sexually transmitted diseases must be scientifically accurate.
African Moms Need Meds
Only about 1% of HIV positive mothers in West and Central Africa have access to the anti-HIV drugs that have virtually stopped the virus from being transmitted to babies in Western nations, according to UNICEF. 
October 19, 2006
Cleveland Urges Black Women to Get Tested
Cleveland launched a citywide campaign this week aimed at getting African-American women to get tested for HIV.
High Rates of MSM Gonorrhea
Gonorrhea commonly lodges in the throats of men actively having sex with men, according to a study in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, but often without causing symptoms. 
October 18, 2006
China’s HIV Goes Mainstream, ‘Like Africa’
China’s HIV epidemic has spread beyond high risk groups, a senior government health official tells Reuters, with most new infections occurring through heterosexual sex—“like Africa.” 
Vaccine Ready for Human Trials?
An HIV vaccine developed in Ontario could go into human trials next year if the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves. 
October 17, 2006
HIV Positive Thais Are Healthier But Hated
The ever-wider availability of HIV treatment in Thailand is keeping more and more Thais alive, but discrimination makes it almost impossible for positive people to find work or a place to live. 
A Fuss Over Condi’s Warm Welcome
The Family Research Council is reportedly upset about Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s friendliness last week while swearing in openly gay Mark Dybul as Global AIDS Coordinator. 
October 16, 2006
A Day for Latino AIDS Awareness
AIDS organizations coast to coast marked the fourth annual National Latino AIDS Awareness Day yesterday with events calling attention to high HIV rates among Latinos. 
Activist Jeff Getty Dies
Activist Jeff Getty, 49, who gained international attention in 1995 when he received an experimental bone marrow transplant from a baboon, died last week of AIDS.
October 13, 2006
U.S. Cuts Circumcision Program
The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced yesterday that it would stop subsidizing circumcisions in Swaziland, which research has shown to prevent new HIV infections.
Kids Care for Kids in Rwanda
A new Rwandan program sponsored by the U.S.-based group CARE trains children who have lost both parents to take care of their families, instead of simply taking donations that they are not equipped to use. 
October 12, 2006
HIV Sky High Down Under
The rate of new HIV infections in Australia has risen by 41% since 2000, prompting speculation that the prospect of effective treatment is causing people to have unsafe sex.
Bono and Oprah to Launch RED
Rock star and activist Bono kicks off the U.S. launch of Product RED tomorrow with an interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show.
October 11, 2006
U.S. Still Pushing Sex Worker Pledge
The U.S. Justice Department filed an appeal yesterday to overturn a May ruling against a Bush administration policy requiring that AIDS groups sign an anti-prostitution pledge before receiving federal funds. 
Waiting Game for France's Positive Immigrants
Strict immigration regulations in France are making it ever harder for HIV positive immigrants to get quality care and may force them underground, according to a Plus News report. 
October 10, 2006
HIV Docs Get Wired
The nation’s first-ever electronic network to pool information about the effectiveness and side effects of HIV meds was announced today.
Scarlett Johansson on HIV and Monogamy
Starlette Scarlett Johansson reveals in Allure magazine’s November issue that she gets two HIV tests a year because that’s “part of being a decent human being.”
October 09, 2006
Pioneering AIDS Journalist Omololu Falobi Dies
Omololu Falobi, director of Nigeria’s Journalists Against AIDS, died last week from gunshot wounds after getting caught in the cross fire of an armed robbery. 
You Can Wear Your Jeans to the HIV Test
Clothing retailer Levi Strauss South Africa is launching a new campaign to test young people for HIV at shopping malls, universities and other youth-oriented hangouts. 
October 06, 2006
FDA Approves Two New HIV Tests
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration yesterday approved Aptima, a blood test to detect HIV before antibodies show up. 
$1 Million for Carolina’s Black Churches
The South Carolina state legislature has approved $1 million to fund church-based HIV prevention efforts, the first such initiative in a U.S. state. 
October 05, 2006
Rents Rocket for NYC’s Positive Poor
State officials are ordering New York City’s welfare agency to jack up rents for HIV positive people living in government-subsidized housing.
Madonna’s Immaculate Adoption
Madonna visited Malawi this week with plans to build a home for AIDS orphans through a project called Raising Malawi amid rumors that she might adopt an orphan of her own.
October 04, 2006
Remember HIV Dementia?
Scientists are beginning to test drugs to treat HIV dementia, which affects one in five people with HIV and causes symptoms similar to late-stage Alzheimer’s. 
4 ASO’s Who Respect Their Elders
With 30% of HIV positive New Yorkers now over 50, four major AIDS Service Organizations announced joint efforts yesterday to better serve the aging population.
October 03, 2006
Nobel Prize Advances HIV Research
Two American researchers, Andrew Z. Fire and Craig C. Mello, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering a system of gene regulation, basically turning genes on and off, that could help treat HIV and other diseases. 
Florida Doc Stalks HIV in Dominican Prison
The Palm Beach Post examines a Florida doctor’s attempt to prevent, test for and treat HIV in an overcrowded Dominican prison. 
October 02, 2006
HIV Is a Gay Disease
An ad campaign proclaiming “HIV Is a Gay Disease” to fight complacency among gay and bisexual men has critics fearing it could increase AIDS stigma and set back efforts to fight the misconception that HIV is just a gay problem.
New CDC Testing Rules Wouldn’t Fly in NY
Today’s New York Times explores the conflict between new federal testing recommendations to do away with written consent and an ‘80s-era New York State law requiring a signature. 
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