August #62 : Across the Digital Divide

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August 2000

Across the Digital Divide

After these web gabbers gave the OK, Gene Chance of sent POZ this excerpt of a recent chat on his site. Put on your eavesdrop goggles and scroll on down. (One cyber-chat translation: LOL=laugh out loud. For others, check out

gene316: what other drugs have you been on pnw?
Suzie958: imagine if she drank or did drugs
pnw: legal ones gene?
fuzzypony3: she needs NO help :-)
gene316: hiv meds lol
pnw: ohhhh. i took crix and azt and zerit for awhile but i think azt makes me sick now
fuzzypony3: it sucks—my mind just blanks out
gene316: why did you stop it
fuzzypony3: still on sustiva and combivir
pnw: i stopped cause i kept missing the afternoon doses and i started it again when i went in the hospital last year
gene316: well why dont you try it with norvir and then you can take it 2 a day
pnw: prolly gonna have to do something. more pills
Suzie958: i had to stop taking meds 3 times a day kept forgetting that middle dose
pnw: thats what i did suzie
gene316: ok switch to other drugs of that class that you havent taken
pnw: combivir is out
gene316: azt, ddi, ddc
pnw: retrovir is too
fuzzypony3: why is combivir out pnw?
pnw: i think thats what made me sick last year gene. the azt
gene316: well combivir would have been a good choice
pnw: they never could tell me why i was sick
fuzzypony3: azt probs—ow
gene316: could be
pnw: nothing was apparently wrong with me other than the fevers and the aches
gene316: also if you can have a genotype test done you could find out if you can stay with d4t or 3tc and add them to vir and rit
pnw: and that was right after i had restarted azt
gene316: that could be side effects of azt
fuzzypony3: i had some of those but they went away
gene316: you have options
pnw: yeah and the t-20 is going thru phase II now
Suzie958: i just read that
fuzzypony3: how long before t-20 is ok’d? needles—ohhhh noooo
gene316: they already have a new formula where they hope it is 1 a day, plus you will have to take other meds with it
pnw: yeah i know but this is a whole new way to fight it
gene316: so stick me with a needle and give me a handful of pills i dont think so
pnw: i hate needles more than most ppl i know
gene316: well i will have to be bad off to take that
pnw: i think i would too lol…but at least its promising
Suzie958: i don’t think i could do needles everyday
gene316: i think there will be better things before that
pnw: at least they found something other than whats already out there
fuzzypony3: good point
pnw: i do truly believe that it will come to be like diabetes though…manageable
gene316: they expect in a few years
fuzzypony3: i hope
gene316: and they even hope to have a once a day PI
fuzzypony3: Im not allowed to gallop horses anymore due to the sustiva
pnw: huh? you a jockey?
fuzzypony3: no an exercise rider
gene316: fuzzy are you male or female
fuzzypony3: male my nick is because i called all horses fuzzypony until i was 5
gene316: oh ok cool
Suzie958: gene fuzzy is the guy i was with sat
gene316: now i have it
fuzzypony3: the one who couldnt dance too well no rhythm, cant dance or spell
Suzie958: none at all but he had a good time
fuzzypony3: one thing bothers me—why cant they give these DAMNED drugs a name I can PRONOUNCE
gene316: lol i hear you
pnw: you tell em fuzzy
fuzzypony3: i mean good grief!
gene316: i always hate that
fuzzypony3: whatchamacallitvir or a bunch of letters and/or numbers that sounds like the NAVY came up with
gene316: we should email this conversation to POZ
pnw: wonder what will happen. ok. i’ll do it. as long as it wont get anyone in trouble
fuzzypony3: Hell they'll publish it!! LOL

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