Newsfeed : 65% of U.S. Gay Men Support HIV Criminalization

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September 21, 2010

65% of U.S. Gay Men Support HIV Criminalization

Sixty-five percent of gay men in the United States believe that it should be against the law for an HIV-positive man to engage in unprotected anal sex (UAI) without disclosing his status, according to a study published in AIDS Care and reported by aidsmap. Most gay men who supported criminalization laws were associated with an HIV-negative or unknown status, less education, younger age, residency in a state thought to be hostile toward LGBT people, and fewer UAI partners. Since 2008, at least 30 people have been prosecuted for exposing others to HIV. Researchers did not find that laws deterred high-risk behavior.

To read the aidsmap story, click here.

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Gary Higo, Jacksonville, FL, 2010-12-27 17:24:05
I think it's an absolute abomination (and not in a religous way) not to disclose your status to a sex partner. That is wrong on some many levels. People who are POZ already know what it's like to have to live and deal with the disease. Why would you want anyone to live this life if they didn't have to. It's our job as POZ people to keep NEG people NEG. There definitely should some kind of accountability.

Terry, , 2010-11-09 10:46:16
Just read any hookup site and you will see the problem. People think they can have numerous anal sex encounters and not get aids. Responsibility is up to each individual. My own moral code will not let to have anal sex without informing my partners. But we need to stop the myths about hiv transmission as well. These type of laws will just burden the system, put poz people in prison where they will spread aids more.

Jeton Ademaj, Harlem, NYC, 2010-11-03 13:54:05
There is NO political base for the idea of "equally shared responsibility". Most of the world, including most lawmakers, will continue to believe that disclosure is a non-negotiable requirement. many poz people fail to understand that outside the poz community, there is no "controversy" on this issue...disclosure WILL remain legally mandatory. it's more productive to insist that poz people are just as "innocent until proven guilty" as everyone else..."he said/she said" shouldn't be prosecutable.

Bruce Lang, Bloomington, Illinois, 2010-11-03 09:49:02
65% of gay men are not willing to take responsibility for their own sexual safety. How's that for rewriting the headline? HIV is still a largely preventable disease. Anyone who engages in behaviors that carry the risk of HIV transmission must take responsibility for their own safety. I thoought that meant that you made the assumption that a new sexual partner was HIV+ until proven otherwise, no matter what they told you their status was. When was their last HIV antibody test?

Pozman, NYC, 2010-10-29 01:35:54
The everlasting debate. I personally believe in the 2 to Tango Theory. IF one was raped, forced, drugged, ect. then yes it is wrong but if we are 2 consenting adults, its a 50-50 thing. I am responsible for telling but you are just as responsible for at least asking. Alota men are quick to place blame on a + person or say things like you took away my choice. In all honesty, one doesn't you dont have to have sex, its optional. Moral EVERYONE poz or neg must take responsibility for his/her acts.

James Kile, CATHEDRAL CITY, 2010-10-28 10:48:13
I think this law is good but as I look on the dating sites there are alot of men that do not disclose, I think it is not only the hiv poz persons resposibility but the neg people also have a responsibility to protect themselves. If you have unprotected sex that is your choice and you only have you to blame, not the person that didn't disclose. I see alot of guys that Don't Know, They need to get tested it is a simple test. We should all take resposibility for our own actions. Stay protected!!!

Chris Stafford, Orlando, 2010-10-26 21:15:33
As a poz male...I always or not. And if there was a law in place to jail people I would definitely disclose because I like my freedom! If I consent to help someone kill themselves who is terminally ill...I could possibly stand trial for that so why should HIV be different?

Fred, Los Angeles, 2010-10-25 21:59:58
Many gay men do not know the people that they are having sex with. It should be a crime that people are having sex with people without condoms. We need to treat everyone as if they were HIV positive.

Vic, Bay Area CA, 2010-10-18 18:22:15
Get real guys,' it's been a felony in California for some time not disclosing one's seropositive or AIDS status. How the heck can it even be enforced, keep a batch book of sexual release forms with ones' self at all times; both male and female... As it isn't a sexual or gender bias issue no matter what one might think....

Frederick Wright, Tampa, 2010-10-16 09:59:38
A new law for that will solve all the probelms in adressing human sexuality. It is sad that someone that has an ilness can put one in Jail. It is more sad to know the opressed in society are a new target and the opressed are breaking off to learn how to exclude. after years of preaching inclusion. I am wondering what is the plan with law makers for HIV prevention and Healthcare in prisons,if they keep putting HIVers in Jail with Non HIVers? Will their be a marking on the HIVers in prison too

Dr. John, DC, 2010-10-14 12:32:47
Condoms should be used for ALL anal sex unless the partners are in a long term relationship that both trust to be committed & monogamous. Even if you have recently had a neg HIV test you could still be poz because it takes time for it to turn poz - the "window". Criminalizing positive people, especially those people who wore a condom, will lead to a decrease in people getting tested. If you don't know how can you be held legally accountable? Mandatory testing of gays is unlikely to become law.

David, 75219, 2010-10-14 10:09:39
Most gay men who supported criminalization laws were associated with an HIV-negative or unknown status, less education, younger age, residency in a state thought to be hostile toward LGBT people, and fewer UAI partners. do a study of educated people and you will see that the results are so much lower. Check out Center for HIV LAW and POLICY. They support doing away with these stupid laws. Remember HPV, The Flu, Herpes. Need I say more??? No risk....but still prosecuted?? come on

ahmaized, Kalamazoo, 2010-10-14 09:07:26
Hey Patrick, cut out the high drama! If you are consenting to un-protected sex, you are consenting to any and all the conseqeunces. There is equal responsibility for partners so wise up and protect yourself.

Patrick, Redding California, 2010-10-14 08:44:16
Remember, the sexual partner is consenting to sex, not death.

johnnymorales, texas, 2010-10-08 05:58:16
A law like this will NOT slow the spread of HIV for a simple reason. The large majority of people who infect others with HIV are the group who believe for some reason that they are Negative. They will then engage in unprotected sex with other men who also say they are negative. Of course there are men who will lie to get sex with someone who they are turned on to, justified by -it's just fun, a 1 timer Etc.- To stop the spread, people have to stop fearing it, but that's not likely.

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