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1 January #120 : Relaxed Security - by Anonymous
January 1, 2006 - Anonymous - January 2006 Relaxed Security by Anonymous When a boyfriend tells friends her status, anonymous rethinks the importance of staying, well, anonymous My boyfriend of a year raked his fingers nervously through his thick blond hair. ?I?m really sorry,? he said. ?We were just hanging out, eating wings, and it sorta came out.? When I looked at him quizzically, he added: ?I told Bill and Steve that you have HIV.? We had discussed how hard I?ve worked to keep my status secret in my small rur ...

2 September #84 : Lines Composed in a Looking Glass - by Anonymous
September 1, 2002 - Anonymous - September 2002 Lines Composed in a Looking Glass by Anonymous "Oh my God, you are so thin." Skinny by nature, I've heard this all my life. Often, when other women comment on my weight (or lack thereof), it is with a twinge of jealousy. But today, when I run into a good friend I haven't seen in two years, I detect something else in her voice: alarm. "You are so, so thin. Are you OK?" And with her question, the walls of justification I've erected against the changes that have c ...

3 February / March #89 : Reality Check - by Anonymous
February 1, 2003 - Anonymous - February / March 2003 Reality Check by Anonymous It's not quite a one-horse town, but she still fears "coming out" with her HIV There is no HIV in my neck of the woods. Or so I lead my neighbors to believe. I am a straight, white woman in the heart of preppy New Jersey horse country. I've also had HIV since 1995. Good health prevents my body from giving me away. But concealing my status still demands undercover tactics worthy of a Bond girl. Fear keeps me quiet. Most people in my world ...

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4 May #91 : Tell and Risk - by Anonymous
May 1, 2003 - Anonymous - May 2003 Tell and Risk by Anonymous She said three little words he didn t want to hear. Then he said three little words she did Three days after we met, this dark-haired, beautiful-bodiedman was lying in my bed, his feet hanging over the edge. We were man and woman on that kind of euphoric high you hope for from every illicit drug. We lay together in the morning sun as if joined by hot solder, the chemistry overpowering me. Through three nights now I?d exerted valiant self-discipline to keep it ...

5 October #95 : Shock and Blah - by Anonymous
October 1, 2003 - Anonymous - October 2003 Shock and Blah by Anonymous Anonymous discloses to a devastated response her own In the seven years since my HIV diagnosis, I had never told a female friend?not because I thought it would be difficult, but because my worry over burdening them outweighed my need for their support. Recently, though, I realized it was something I did need. The thought of telling a girlfriend gave me no agita. What could be so hard about it? Her irises wouldn't flash with panic as her mind did a Mat ...

6 September #105 : Mouth Wide Shut - by Anonymous
September 1, 2004 - Anonymous - September 2004 Mouth Wide Shut by Anonymous Anonymous adds up who knows she s positive, who doesn t and why Peg, a close friend in another city whom I ve never told I have HIV, called several weeks ago to let me know that the ex-lover who infected me had died of AIDS. Though Peg had known him for years, she had learned of his status only when he died. You should probably get checked out, she gently suggested. I was torn between sadness (I d once cared about him) and satisfaction (the bastard w ...

7 April #111 : Woman To Woman - by Anonymous
April 1, 2005 - Anonymous - April 2005 Woman To Woman by Anonymous Sometimes you find you're not the only nice suburban girl with a secret In my 10 years with HIV, I ve been at many a dinner table or party where guests, unaware of my serostatus, have disparaged people with HIV. Isn t it amazing, a woman once said, how AIDS targets all the people who should die the overpopulation in Africa, China and India, gays and drug users? I wanted to say: I m not a gay, heroin-injecting rice farmer in a crowded village. I m a whi ...

8 September #116 : Easy Come, Easy Go - by Anonymous
September 1, 2005 - Anonymous - September 2005 Easy Come, Easy Go by Anonymous Anonymous craved steamy, uncomplicated sex until she actually had it Ever since my diagnosis in 1996, I ve wanted to tell a guy I have HIV and have him shrug, smile and rip my clothes off with his teeth. I ve often fantasized about how uncomplicated and hot sex was before HIV no conversations about retroviruses, pills, longevity, the odds of contagion. No latex, no hesitation, no weirdness, no fear. Not long ago, after a heart wrencher ...

9 Opinion : HIV/AIDS Housing Heartache in Mississippi - by Anonymous Mississippi HOPWA Recipient
March 26, 2013 - Anonymous Mississippi HOPWA Recipient - March 26, 2013 HIV/AIDS Housing Heartache in Mississippi by Anonymous Mississippi HOPWA Recipient Why did the federal government let the state underserve us for decades? First, do no harm. Is this too much for people to ask of the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH)? Unfortunately, the way the state is managing its housing program for people with HIV/AIDS, it seems to indicate that the answer is yes. The federal government sends about $2 million a year to Mississi ...


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