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$14M Federal Grant to Research CAR-T Gene Therapy to Cure HIV

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Roslyn Lurke

I would like to participate in clinical trials of CAR-T Gene Therapy. I would appreciate having someone to contact that can give me information about this.

June 25, 2020 Lexington SC


This is amazing. Imagine how many lives could be saved, how much money would be saved if a cure was discovered. I've been pos for 28 yrs, since 21. In my early and mid 20's I would dream about a cure but doubting I would be around when it happened. Sign me up for this research study please ???? I have a feeling with a little help I could kick HIV out of my body once and for all. With tcells over 1000 and still undetectable my immune system is primed to kick some HIV arse. ???? #HIVisNOTaCRIME

June 24, 2020 Nashville


Does this mean they've found biomarkers identifying latently infected HIV cells, which is the main problem in finding a cure? If not, how will these CAR-T cells find them? If you need chemo for this procedure, why not go a step further and get a bone marrow transplant from someone with the CCR5 Delta32 mutation? This seems to be the only silver bullet.

June 23, 2020 OKC


This will be more significant role in fight against this pandemic which has swept alot of our beloved sisters and brothers globally. I'm excited to hear about this research.

June 23, 2020 ZAMBIA


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