Here are the 20 most momentous news stories on in 2011 as selected by the editors of POZ (items are not ranked, but placed in chronological order):

New EEOC Regulations Include HIV as a Disability 
Posted: March 28

Rangel Introduces Bill to Fight HIV Among Blacks
Posted: April 12

The Normal Heart Debuts on Broadway

Posted: April 19

U.N. Seeks 15 Million People on HIV Meds by 2015
Posted: June 10

Global Plan to End Mother-to-Child HIV Transmissions by 2015

Posted: June 10

Canadian Judge Rules HIV Not an “Automatic Death Sentence”
Posted: July 18

HHS Outlines Steps to End Gay Blood Donation Ban
Posted: July 27

Britain Lifts Lifetime Gay Blood Ban
Posted: September 9

Bill Would Legalize Condoms in Federal Prisons
Posted: September 12

Congressional HIV/AIDS Caucus Launches

Posted: September 15

Rep. Barbara Lee Introduces HIV Anti-Criminalization Bill

Posted: September 26

AIDS Memorial Proposed for Greenwich Village Park

Posted: October 17

Rep. Barbara Lee, Sen. Frank Lautenberg Introduce Sex Ed Bill

Posted: November 3

U.S. Releases Plan for a Global AIDS-Free Generation
Posted: November 8

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Health Care Reform
Posted: November 14

Act V, a Global Movement to End AIDS, Launches
Posted: November 30

Obama Pledges Additional HIV Funds in U.S. and Abroad
Posted: December 1

Bill Clinton Proposes Generic ARVs in U.S. Until 2014
Posted: December 6

Obama Seeks Decriminalization of Homosexuality Worldwide
Posted: December 9

Time Names HIV Treatment as Prevention the No. 3 Medical Breakthrough of 2011
Posted: December 13

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