Here are the 20 strangest news stories on in 2011 as selected by the editors of POZ (items are not ranked, but placed in chronological order):

Cook Islands Contemplates Its First HIV Case

Posted: January 13

HIV Meds in “Whoonga” Drug Craze Debunked
Posted: February 17

Malaysian Police Recover 700,000 Condoms Worth $1.5M

Posted: March 22

Reports of HIV Motive for South African Ax Murders Are False
Posted: April 1

HIV-Positive Man First Egyptian to Disclose Publicly
Posted: June 14

Tracy Morgan Credits Father’s AIDS Death With Learning About Homophobia

Posted: June 15

HIV Fear After Man Urinates in Oregon Reservoir
Posted: June 21

Philippines Warns Geckos Are Not an HIV Cure
Posted: July 20

MTV Not Responsible for HIV, STIs on Real World

Posted: August 8

Makers of Goat Blood HIV Drug Cheat Investors of $20M
Posted: August 19

Judge Cleared of Misconduct for Handing Out Condoms in Acorns
Posted: August 26

Brazilian Doctor Diverts Burglars With Wall of HIV-Tainted Needles
Posted: August 26

Canada Warns Semen Acquired Online May Have HIV

Posted: August 31

HIV Used in Experimental Treatment to Cure Leukemia
Posted: September 14

Gamers Map HIV Protein Protease in Only Three Weeks
Posted: September 21

Sir Elton John Sues Banker for $1M Unpaid AIDS Pledge

Posted: September 28

Fish Pedicures Unlikely to Transmit HIV, Hepatitis C

Posted: October 18

Spread of HIV Traced to 3 Chimp Hunters in Africa Circa 1921

Posted: October 20

HIV-Positive Man in U.S. Diagnosed With Leprosy
Posted: October 25

NY Judge Rejects Defamation Suit by AIDS Denialist

Posted: November 16

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