Here are the most viewed news stories on in 2011:

1. Chinese HIV/AIDS Activist Hu Jia Under House Arrest
Posted: June 28

2. Landlords Can’t Evict HIV-Positive Tenant, Support Dog
Posted: April 6

3. New EEOC Regulations Include HIV as a Disability
Posted: March 28

4. Massive U.S. Budget Cuts to AIDS Programs Rejected; ADAP Funds Increased
Posted: April 12

5. Gilead Raises Prices of HIV Drugs Atripla, Truvada, Emtriva
Posted: April 6

6. Porn Wikileaks Breaches HIV Test Database
Posted: April 1

7. HIV Transmission Risk Linked to Amount of Virus in Genital Fluid
Posted: April 7

8. U.N. Seeks 15 Million People on HIV Meds by 2015
Posted: June 10

9. HRSA’s Updated Guide for HIV/AIDS Clinical Care Is Online
Posted: June 9

10. New Erection-boosting Condom Awaits Approval
Posted: April 21

11. HIV-Positive Virginia Man Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison
Posted: January 18

12. HIV-Positive Comedian Mike DeStefano Dies
Posted: March 8

13. Canada Seeks Indefinite Imprisonment of HIV-Positive Man
Posted: May 13

14. HIV Fear After Man Urinates in Oregon Reservoir
Posted: June 21

15. HIV-Positive Airman in Kansas Sentenced to 8 Years
Posted: January 21

16. Young Adults Born With HIV Facing Lifelong Complications
Posted: April 13

17. Man Found Guilty of Transmitting HIV Despite Informing Partner
Posted: October 17

18. Canadian Judge Rules HIV Not an "Automatic Death Sentence"
Posted: July 18

19. Former Surgeon General Koop Publishes AIDS Tell-All
Posted: March 31

20. Tracy Morgan Credits Father’s AIDS Death With Learning About Homophobia
Posted: June 15

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