Here are the most viewed treatment stories on in 2011:

1. Gold Drug Shows HIV Eradication Potential
Posted: April 21

2. "Surprising and Disappointing" Results in a New Truvada PrEP Study for Women
Posted: April 18

3. FDA Approves New HIV Drug: Edurant (Rilpivirine)
Posted: May 20

4. CD4s, Viral Load Not Enough to Predict Survival During HIV Treatment
Posted: March 8

5. Long-Term Consistent Use of HIV Therapy Protects the Liver
Posted: April 6

6. New Three-in-One HIV Med Complera Approved
Posted: August 10

7. First Rectal Gel Studies Show Real Promise
Posted: March 1

8. Older HIV Drugs Accelerated Aging Effects in Muscle Cells
Posted: June 27

9. Could Switching HIV Therapy Early Avoid Treatment Failure?
Posted: April 4

10. Peripheral Nerve Damage Remains Common Despite HIV Therapy
Posted: April 13

11. Are People Experiencing More Rapid HIV Disease Progression Now?
Posted: March 8

12. Experts Propose Transmissible Gene Therapy to Halt the HIV Epidemic
Posted: March 18

13. New Cure-Related Research: Antabuse to Flush HIV Reservoir
Posted: February 8

14. Discovery About HIV Could Lead to New Prevention and Treatment Approaches
Posted: January 25

15. Brain Impairment Might Be Less Common in People With HIV Than Originally Suspected
Posted: April 11

16. Moving Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
Posted: April 15

17. Study: ARV Treatment Reduces HIV Transmission 96 Percent
Posted: May 12

18. Ending HIV Organ Donation Ban Could Eliminate Transplant Waiting List for People With HIV
Posted: March 30

19. Telaprevir, Boceprevir for Hep C Approaching FDA Finish Line
Posted: March 16

20. Anal Cancer Screening Is Both Feasible and Warranted
Posted: April 1

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