Here are the top newsfeed stories by pageviews this year:

1. Florida Reduces Its ADAP Waiting List to 427 People
Posted: May 2

2. Ron Paul Wants Higher Health Costs for People With AIDS
Posted: January 3

3. Paris Hilton Says Most Gay Guys ’Probably Have AIDS’
Posted: September 20

4. Former Pro Wrestler Gets 32 Years for HIV Nondisclosure
Posted: January 25

5. Australian Olympic Trampolinist Publicly Discloses He Has HIV
Posted: August 8

6. Federal Judge Upholds 50-Year Sentence for Iowa Man With HIV
Posted: April 13

7. Tennessee Man Loses Wife, Job After False HIV-Positive Test
Posted: August 1

8. DC Man Misdiagnosed With HIV Settles $20M Suit
Posted: August 14

9. Ohio Man With HIV Faces 3 Years in Prison for Unprotected Sex
Posted: March 6

10. Matthew McConaughey to Lose 30 Pounds for HIV Role
Posted: September 4

11. Video Implicates Michigan Police Officer in HIV Discrimination
Posted: September 24

12. Canadian Man Accused of Killing HIV-Positive Boyfriend
Posted: March 12

13. AIDS Activists Interrupt Paul Ryan Values Voter Summit Speech
Posted: September 14

14. Minnesota Appeals Court Reverses HIV Conviction
Posted: October 3

15. St. Louis Mardi Gras Couple Guilty of HIV Felony Seek New Trial
Posted: June 20

16. NY Appeals Court to Hear if Saliva With HIV Is ’Dangerous’
Posted: April 23

17. Oklahoma Man With HIV Faces 7 Felony Charges, $1M Bail
Posted: March 16

18. Texas Woman Killed by Boyfriend Because She Had HIV
Posted: September 12

19. Former Employee Sues Delta Air Lines for HIV Discrimination
Posted: September 25

20. Maryland Considers Increasing HIV Law to 25-Year Felony
Posted: March 5

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