Mexico Lifts Its Gay Blood Donation Ban
Posted: January 4

Brazil Requires Doctors to Report HIV Cases
Posted: January 7

Mongolia Lifts Its HIV Travel Ban
Posted: February 12

South Africa Begins Once-a-Day HIV Pill Implementation
Posted: April 16

Swiss Court Rules HIV Not Necessarily a Serious Assault
Posted: April 17

Father Allegedly Sets His HIV-Positive Gay Son on Fire in Peru
Posted: May 1

Canada to Lift Lifetime Ban on Gay Blood Donation
Posted: May 31

Advances Worldwide in Advocacy Against HIV Criminalization
Posted: June 7

Nearly 10 Million People Worldwide Have ARV Access
Posted: July 10

China Revokes Patent for Viread
Posted: August 8

U.K. Ban on Doctors and Providers With HIV to End in 2014
Posted: August 20

HIV Prevalence Drops to 5.6% in Kenya
Posted: September 26

France to Treat All People With HIV
Posted: October 15

Life Insurance Companies to Cover People With HIV in India

Posted: November 1

HIV Group Attacked by Masked Men in Russia
Posted: November 8

Ugandan President Gets HIV Test in Public
Posted: November 12

U.S. to Give $4B to Global Fund, $100M to HIV Cure Research

Posted: December 3

PEPFAR Gives 6.7M People ARVs, Reauthorized Through 2018
Posted: December 3

No Evidence of Deliberate HIV Self-Infection by Greeks
Posted: December 6

Nelson Mandela, Former South African President, Dies
Posted: December 6