Here are the treatment news stories with the most views this year:

1. FDA Approves Generic Truvada for HIV Treatment and PrEP
Posted: June 9

2. PrEP Fails in a Third Man, But This Time HIV Drug Resistance Is Not to Blame
Posted: February 16

3. HIV Medications, Possibly Including PrEP, May Raise Susceptibility to Syphilis
Posted: January 16

4. How Does Marijuana Affect People With HIV?
Posted: November 2

5. Yet Another Study Finds No HIV Transmissions When Viral Load Is Undetectable
Posted: July 25

6. First Antibody Treatment for Drug-Resistant HIV May Get FDA Nod
Posted: May 17

7. STI Diagnoses Rise Among PrEP Users in a Northern California Health System
Posted: January 4

8. HIV Vaccine Prompts Five People to Largely Control Virus Without Antiretrovirals
Posted: February 28

9. FDA Approves Juluca, the First Two-Drug HIV Regimen
Posted: November 21

10. Mouse Study Reveals Promising HIV Functional Cure Treatment
Posted: October 23

11. After Two Decades of Stagnation, U.S. HIV Infection Rate Falls
Posted: February 15

12. HIV Levels Before Treatment Can Predict This Immune System Indicator
Posted: April 24

13. Four Years After Last Shot, HIV Vaccine Booster Prompts Immune Response
Posted: November 17

14. HIV Is Linked With Impaired Respiratory Health
Posted: June 6

15. Successful HIV Treatment Has Given Non-HIV-Related Cancers a Chance to Rise
Posted: October 16

16. UnitedHealthcare Reverses PrEP Policy After AIDS Activists Protest
Posted: August 7

17. 30 Years Later, a Look at the First AIDS Drug
Posted: July 25

18. New HIV Vaccine Shows Promise
Posted: July 12

19. Viral Rebound Chance Is Low for Those on Successful HIV Treatment
Posted: June 12

20. CRISPR Gene Editing Successfully Snips HIV Out of Live Mice
Posted: May 9

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