Here are the news stories with the most views this year:

1. Justice Prevails for Deported HIV-Positive Gay Mexican! [VIDEO]
Posted: January 17

2. Repeat After Me: You Can’t Get HIV From Food!
Posted: February 27

3. “I’m on the Pill” PrEP Ads Begin Airing on National TV
Posted: June 29

4. Trump Wants to Restrict Access to HIV Meds for People on Medicare
Posted: November 27

5. What’s Causing the “Alarming” Spike of HIV Cases in Ventura County?
Posted: March 2

6. “Justice for Sanjay” Is the Latest Rallying Cry in HIV Crime Cases
Posted: September 10

7. Grindr Shares Its Users’ HIV Info With Other Companies
Posted: April 2

8. Of Course, Larry Kramer Believes AIDS Is Worse Now Than Ever
Posted: August 30

9. Trump Agency Is Using Federal HIV Funds to Separate Immigrant Families
Posted: July 11

10. ABC Reporter Tells the World He Has HIV in This Heartfelt Facebook Post
Posted: March 27

11. Gianni Versace Has HIV in a New TV Series. What’s the Real Story?
Posted: January 30

12. Michael Johnson, in Prison for HIV Nondisclosure, Is Granted Parole
Posted: April 11

13. An HIV Tweet Regarding “Self-Made Billionaire” Kylie Jenner Goes Viral
Posted: July 18

14. This Racy HIV Ad Will Definitely Have You Thinking About Sex [VIDEO]
Posted: January 12

15. Where Did NYC Bury Those Lost to AIDS in the ’80s and ’90s?
Posted: July 9

16. Britain’s High Court Rules Against Patent Extension on HIV Med Truvada
Posted: September 24

17. AIDS Activists Interrupt the Premiere of “Bohemian Rhapsody” [VIDEO]
Posted: October 25

18. George H.W. Bush Is Not Fondly Remembered by AIDS Activists
Posted: December 4

19. Florida to Roll Out Free PrEP in 2018
Posted: January 2

20. U.K. Man Gets Life in Prison for Deliberately Spreading HIV
Posted: April 18

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