Here are the blog entries with the most views this year:

1. About That Awful AIDS Op-Ed in The New York Times…
By: Trenton Straube
Posted: June 29

2. Picking My Poison
By: Richard JMV
Posted: June 29

3. Private Photos Now Available on POZ Personals
By: POZ Personals
Posted: August 12

4. A Should-Be-Classic Film About AIDS Is Now on DVD
By: POZ Staff
Posted: September 4

5. “That” Day at the HIV Clinic
By: Richard JMV
Posted: March 12

6. After the Drinks and Drugs, I Found a New Path
By: Richard JMV
Posted: August 15

7. The Dark Side Awakens
By: Richard JMV
Posted: May 21

8. No Calm, Just a Storm
By: Richard JMV
Posted: August 1

9. Full Disclosure: HIV Shame at the Dentist
By: Jamie Brickhouse
Posted: December 3

10. HIV Does Define Me: There, I’ve Said It.
By: Bob Leahy
Posted: August 17

11. My Name Is Richard, but I’ll Take Dick if You Prefer
By: Richard JMV
Posted: March 8

12. 22 Twitter Posts Tell One Heartbreaking AIDS Story
By: Trenton Straube
Posted: September 20

13. Table Talk: The “BIG” No When Dating Poz [VIDEO]
By: David & Johnny
Posted: January 15

14. I Wrote “The Truth About the 7,000.” Now What?
By: Mark S. King
Posted: April 17

15. Concerns About Robert Redfield for CDC
By: Sean Strub
Posted: March 20

16. Possible HIV Outbreak in Miami Homeless Area Raises Ethical Concerns
By: AIDS United
Posted: October 22

17. Privilege and Profit Corrupt the PrEP Access Debate
By: Peter Staley
Posted: August 13

18. The First Person I Called After Testing Positive for HIV
By: Richard JMV
Posted: March 19

19. HIV Comes With Lots of Heartbreak
By: Martha Warriner Jarrett
Posted: February 2

20. Why “Summer” Makes Me Angry
By: Jamie Brickhouse
Posted: May 2

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