Here are the news stories with the most views this year:

1. Barbershop to Pay $75K for Refusing to Cut the Hair of a Man Who Has HIV
Posted: June 6

2. College Wrestler Sentenced to 30 Years in HIV Case Is Now Free
Posted: July 10

3. About Steve-O Snorting Cocaine Tainted With HIV-Positive Blood…
Posted: January 18

4. Watch How These Nurses Changed AIDS Care in the Early ’80s [VIDEO]
Posted: June 14

5. Woman With HIV Sues, Claims Spa Wouldn’t Give Her a Massage
Posted: November 5

6. HIV Situation Is “Critical” in Venezuela as Military Withholds Meds
Posted: February 19

7. Oldest Known Person With HIV Dies at 100
Posted: October 17

8. HIV Is Spreading Faster in the Philippines Than Anywhere Else
Posted: October 9

9. HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day 2019
Posted: June 5

10. Trump to Unveil a Strategy to End HIV in America by 2030
Posted: February 4

11. Rugby Star Gareth Thomas “Forced” to Disclose He Has HIV [VIDEO]
Posted: September 16

12. R.I.P. Mary Bowman, Poet, Songwriter and Performer Who Tackled HIV
Posted: May 23

13. “I Have Absolutely No Fear of Passing on HIV to My Husband!”
Posted: November 19

14. 900 Children Test Positive for HIV in a Town in Pakistan
Posted: November 6

15. Case of On-Demand PrEP Failure Reported in Australia
Posted: March 22

16. Over 100 People Die of AIDS-Related Illness Each Year at This U.S. Clinic
Posted: January 17

17. PrEP 2-1-1 Dosing Gets a Big Push From a Popular U.S. Clinic
Posted: March 1

18. Generic PrEP to Arrive in September 2020, but Will Big Savings Follow?
Posted: May 9

19. Of Course Donald Trump Jr. Tweeted Something Offensive About HIV
Posted: November 25

20. How Well Do U=U and PrEP Work? The CDC Updates Its Answers
Posted: July 25

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