Here are the blog entries with the most views this year:

1. Leaving a Relationship in Order to Start a New Life
By: Richard JMV
Posted: June 27

2. 5 Things an HIV-Negative Person Needs to Know When Dating a Positive Person
By: Aundaray Guess
Posted: January 10

3. Beyoncé Gets Emotional as She Honors a Gay Uncle Who Had HIV [VIDEO]
By: Trenton Straube
Posted: March 29

4. 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Celebrate Pride
By: Aundaray Guess
Posted: June 14

5. STD Jokes, @TheRock and Why I Cancelled @WWE Network [VIDEOS]
By: Shawn Decker
Posted: October 8

6. What Do All People With HIV Have in Common? Answer: Very Little
By: Bob Leahy
Posted: June 11

7. 7 Common Concerns Brought Up by People Aging With HIV
By: AIDS United
Posted: September 24

8. Trump Administration Proposal Would Remove Protections for HIV Meds
By: AIDS United
Posted: January 18

9. Being Old With HIV
By: Bob Leahy
Posted: August 30

10. Going From a Mug Shot to a Master’s Degree
By: Glenna McCarthy
Posted: September 3

11. On Starting My First One-A-Day HIV Regimen
By: Shawn Decker
Posted: June 26

12. Putting My HIV Status Out There for the First Time
By: Richard JMV
Posted: August 6

13. Finding Love on POZ Personals
By: POZ Personals
Posted: January 13

14. Why Science Shows Us the Best Way to Beat HIV Stigma
By: Bob Leahy
Posted: February 20

15. Facebook’s Ad Policy Is Hurting Efforts to Raise Awareness of HIV and Hep C
By: POZ Staff
Posted: November 1

16. Anywhere But Here
By: Richard JMV
Posted: March 4

17. Just Say No To Hip Replacement
By: Mike Barr
Posted: July 6

18. 5 Tips for Seniors Who Discover They Have HIV
By: Aundaray Guess
Posted: July 19

19. I Left My Hospital Bed to Make an HIV Event. What Self-Care?
By: Mark S. King
Posted: May 22

20. Meet a Transgender CEO Living With HIV and Fighting for Health Equity
By: AIDS United
Posted: December 4

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