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35 Things You Might Not Know About HIV

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I would want to participate in finding the cure to this beast called HIV. It's quite alarming and shameful that over 30years now, no cure has been found. Thousands of children are growing with this virus. Millions still dying everyday. We have to do something

September 24, 2017

Eduardo Perez

Patient zero was a statistical word not made to blame anyone. At the beginning there was not much information. AZT was an unused cancer drug that had been put away because was too toxic. The stigma hasn't gone away, it's treated like no other condition and blame on the subject conduct. From history we know that AIDS is a condition that humans didn't get from sex. Yet, the original sin syndrome has never gone away. If anyone has reason to celebrate are the business that had profited from it.

June 3, 2016 SJ, PR


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