The problem is clear: Global funding to fight the HIV epidemic is decreasing, but the need is not. Although donors have pledged nearly $13 billion to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria over the next three years, more than $19 billion will be needed in 2017, reports The Guardian.

To discuss cost-effective ways to stretch AIDS funding, The Guardian hosted a panel discussion as part of its Global Development Professionals network. You can read the entire discussion in the comments section here.

In a separate article about the panel, the newspaper summarizes nine suggestions with regard to increasing the fight against HIV with limited funds. They include:

  • Protect and promote human rights

  • Make drugs cheaper

  • Support LGBT groups

  • Support adherence to HIV meds

  • Integrate HIV into health sectors

  • Collect and spend taxes on health

  • Integrate HIV and water and sanitation programmes

  • Coordinate responses

  • Push for more funding.

For more details about each item, including which expert suggested it, click here.