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A Boy's Own Story

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The generation of man that infected me had act up where people fought for health and life. Today gay men on apps treat each other like conquests. I have no family support and I got it stealth from no warning oral sex. Be destroyed my life. College to liver disease heart inflammation and multiple organ failure. I failed. My buddy a logger would have had secret sex with me to keep me safe. It too proud to ask. Found out after the fact. Sad. Sad.

December 16, 2019 Massachusetts


I'm 55 and have had h.i.v. 33 years. It was horrific in S.F. In the 80s. What is going on today is worse. Being an activist throughout fighting the fight it is heartbreaking. Apps, drugs, instant gratification,dismissive detached sex marathons, multiple diseases, self abuse, sociopathic narcissistic behavior, live fast and if you survive it's a future full of consequences from poor choices. Sexy? Proud? Unified? What little I have seen is ugly,evil, and frightening. This is liberation? Wow.

November 18, 2017 Honolulu hawaii


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