I am grateful today to be alive.Let me live each moment of this day attentively,
consciously and intentionally, with an open mind
and an open heart.
This day let my hopes for healing of mind, body
and spirit become visible in my life.

I am grateful for my body, for each breath I draw,
for the blood in my veins, for the cells of which I
am composed.May I treasure this body with every act of eating,
breathing, sleeping, feeling, lovemaking,
exercising, and with every pill I ingest.

I am grateful for the people I know and have
known, friends and lovers living and dead, those
I love and see, and those I love and no longer
see; for love that is stronger than death and for
love that never ends.

Each day help me to connect with the diversity of
human creation, young and old, positive and
negative, every race, gender and orientation.
Keep me passionate and engaged in creating a
world of justice, free from prejudice and poverty,
where everyone is valued, loved and free.

May my awareness of mortality inspire me to live
abundantly, here and now.
May I live in expectation of a cure for HIV in my

Let my life be a prayer, my dreams a reality.

—Rev. Jim Mitulski