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The Affordable Care Act Finally Unrolls the Carpet

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Frederick Wright

Wow.. that is complicated, and will read it all, however, being in Florida in a donut hole of fear and confusion within ACA. I think best for me to take my spirit man back in the closet for a time being to find a group or Job that I can afford coverage with ACA. For being homeless, jobless and Openly honest and transparent is faith building. Still have daily Joy and Hopes of expectations in good health to keep on moving in forward direction. My Insurance is in the Promises of God still.Smile

January 23, 2014 Jacksonville

David Gates

Somewhat helpful but so many unanswered questions. Not able to link to local assistance yet for help on choosing the plan that will be best for me.

September 17, 2013 Brainerd, MN

Pat Johnson

What this article failed to clarify for many us on Medicare disability, we are not required to buy another insurance policy

September 17, 2013 Austin, Texas


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