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Is It Time for the End of 'AIDS'?

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"The Importance of Adherence" harks a title on this web page. Where are the "Importance of Access" article? Only 30$ of HIV+ Americans have an undetectable viral load. Where is the concern for access? If single payer health care was implemented everyone who wanted it, could be undetectable.

September 9, 2015 Chicago

Frederick Wright-Stafford

Michael, I think you are right in some of your points. Many have made AIDS a religion for it is a word that has made them part of a family,others have made millions off branding of the name AIDS. The word came about because no other disease group would take it in their portfolio. So a groups of academics came up with 4 words to describe the problem and to fit into new disability policy being created. Some are just afraid of change and angry not to change, in forgiveness of life, to Hope in Luv

July 26, 2015 Jacksonnyville


My understanding is that "AIDS" has always been a somewhat arbitrary definition, but served as a useful shorthand to describe a worsening death spiral characteristic of advanced HIV infection. By contrast, I doubt there is any individual difference between someone with cd4 502 and cd4 496. It would seem this redefinition is not one of medical utility, but one intended to divide a community that the nose candy and vlog set finds dangerously close to collective consciousness.

July 20, 2015 collinsville, IL

Frederick Wright-Stafford

Tom, I have been HIV since 24 years old and 51 now and working full time without Health insurance, bless to not have an AIDS label and healthily, Thank to GOD, Fighting as an AIDS Activist daily to live in a State that did not expand Healthcare. Work through a dysfunction Community Advisory Board that most are alien in funding making a living off AIDS Inc. ADAPT is ran by homophobic people sponging off a state jobs. ADAP is hard to get if you are not poor,diabled or have food stamps. Blessed Iam

July 16, 2015 jacksonville


Frederick, Nothing fails like prayer. Get organized. Get involved with your local HIV/AIDS organization. Join a Community Advisory Board for a local clinical trial unit. And don't depend on the (so-called) "AIDS Activists" who are pulling six-figure salaries and likely spending much of their income on recreational drugs. Watch-out for the ignorant back-stabbers of the religious organizations that OWN the teaching hospitals that run clinical trials for a cut of the profits. Good luck!

July 16, 2015 Chicago

Frederick Wright-Stafford

Tom within the economic sociably circles of commence there is a supply and a demand with a big bucket of money for commence i.e. Gilead and the Iron Triangle of greed. You see Tom the crumbs of society comes with a price to keep us alive and the elite in industry are happy for us to keep them in cash and goal. The Robin Hood Tax could bring resources for pure research in noble bell spirit, I believe. So I pray for God unviel the cure and put feet to our prayers and hands in the fight for a Cure

July 14, 2015 Jacksonnyville


It was the time for "The End of AIDS" when the second arm of ACTG019 (patients with over 500 CD4+ T cells) opened for accrual, back in early 1988. We need clinical trials that look for the least toxic, least expensive treatment to be given as soon as one becomes HIV+. We need functional generics - not do nothing drugs. We need clinical trials that pit generics against brand name equivalents. We have near 100% cures for hep-C. Why do we continue to develop new drugs when HIV isn't curable?

July 9, 2015 Chicago

Frederick Wright-Stafford

I can remember when this conversation started in some circles of AIDS advocates many years ago and now is taking a course of action. It is about Hope for many in the term of all being HIV and not all having AIDS. It is offensive as an HIV person, gay man and christian that the elite People with AIDS use the term as a hatch of privilege and they too are an HIV person. Excluding the HIV person from feeling, thoughts and action at times. I question can Stage 3 HIV or AIDS be reversed,HOPE.

July 6, 2015 jacksonnyville


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