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Child, Alive

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Janet OConnor

Noah, my 3 year old saw you on AI and World's Greatest is his favorite song. He doesn't say much intelligible, but he does say, he's such a good boy!. So he loves you and we are dying to find out what you're going to do next. We're HUGE fans and wish there was more on the internet about you, you're hard to find! You're a magnificent inspiration and an amazing person; I hope my son has at least a fraction of your resilience and talent in his life. If you need our help, let us know.

September 8, 2009 Dover

Dusabimana Apollos

I am very happy to hear that Noah Mushimiyimana, get a good time to show that after getting HIV there is hope of good life, by theway our country of Rwanda and our Leaders start handling a child as yours, my thanks go to Louise Binder

September 7, 2009 Kigali

Leah Stephenson

I work with my colleague, Louise Binder, in Rwanda doing capacity building among HIV/AIDS orgs and individuals. Everyone should be aware that the clinic where Noah was being treated and met Ms. Blake, Icyuzuzo, has been closed down due to lack of funds. The staff are unemployed and the clients are stranded. Many governments and large foundations are pulling their money out of Rwanda during the economic recession and "re-focussing" it in other regions. It's having a devastating effect.

August 4, 2009 Toronto

Krishna Stone

Leah Blake is an extraordinary woman. Her work is courageously fierce and vital. I would be honored to be considered one of her biggest fans. I also look forward to hearing more about Noah as he claims his success.

July 23, 2009 Brooklyn


This young man is an inspiration to everyone dealing with HIV.

July 15, 2009 Vacaville,CA


thanks for all you have done for Noah and all athe people living with HIV,hope Noah's dreams will be come true.but it wasn't a 100 day civil war,It was a 100 day Tutsi Genocide.

July 15, 2009 Kigali

Kenyan Princess

This is truly inspiring. As an African woman from Kenya I'm impressed with Blake's compassionate heart reaching out to the needy in Africa. Stigma is still a very big deal in Kenya and most of Africa and Noah's achievement of recording a song will break the stigma barriers to not only his peers where he lives but to the rest of the community. Thank you Blake for helping Noah achieve his dream. May God bless continue blessing you to bring hope to more young people in Africa.

July 4, 2009 Nairobi


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