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How to Age With HIV—Gracefully

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Hey Mark - An hour and 28 minutes ago I just turned 43 and in a random moment of vain insecurity about ageing, Googled "43-year-old man 16 years HIV+" and up came YOU! Are you my long-lost ginger twin? I love what you wrote and can relate to so much of it after my 16 years as HIV+ and find your mix of optimism, uncertainty and confidence totally inspiring. I think you look GREAT for 43 or any age and I wish I was watching you grind your go-go booty! Hell I might even join in. ;-)

September 27, 2011 Edinburgh


Hey, I'm 65 andhave to show ID when I go to buy a senior's bus pass. Told I look 55 by nice and honest people (who don't know the difference). I got lipoatrophy and went for permanent fillers. Super idea. Now its dystrophy and waiting for our severely right wing gov't. to approve Egrifta (I'm in Canada). But I think you've got it all correct. Stop smoking. Exercise. Socialize. Sexualize. I'm on Androgel. I read the research which said HIV+ need top level testosterone. Watch bone density, etc.etc

September 19, 2011 Halifax, Nova Scotia


58 years young, positive probably since the 70's via Philadelphia. Have had my share of problems, but still keep active , gym, bicycle, do the playing in moderation. This article was great! Take your meds and keep fit!

September 17, 2011 Chicago area


Osteoporosis was diagnosed by my Oncologist.The very LAST thing I think I would get, recovered Cancer in 2006 but everyone says it's mild, turning 59 this year but out of all of it, my THyroid kicked in(2 brothers have it) and I sleep!!That is the worse but since the 80s, I never listen to blood #s unless WBC,Lipids etc.Mds look at them as if they have the answer to LIFE!Testosterone ,for me, has been over the charts from the start & don't think it's the answer to anything. thanks for post

September 17, 2011 NYC


At 56 I feel 76 whatever that feels like. Muscle aches, fatigue, low grade fevers, neuropathy, nausea and heartburn are part of the daily routine. Erections are hard to come by and a sex drive is a fond memory. But I am here, 25 years plus after being told I am positive and 20 years after an AIDS diagnosis. I hate my growing middle, wince at the face in the mirror and wish I had the energy to get out in the garden but I am still here making my peace with AIDS.

August 13, 2011 Seattle


Working on this myself. Find that is you stay active does help mentally and physically. As far as the cosmetics go do and handle what you can, don't sweat the rest. Baby you've made it this far. If you feel good, are healthy, and in a good place mentally that is all that really counts. Can't be 21 and pretty forever, someone has to be the daddy ! lol

August 13, 2011 Atlanta


You go boy!!!! I love your spirit for you DO have a long life to live. Continue on with what you are doing and life as we see it will be on east street. LALA

August 11, 2011 h'burg

Greg H

I have very mixed feelings about all of this. I tested poz in 1985, and was probably infected in the late 70s. I never expected to be alive in 2011, and going on 59.

Long story short, I'm tired and tired of. I've been sober for almost 29 years, smoke free for 11 years, celibate for 14+ years, so leave my food alone! It's the only thing I have left.

I really feel that at this point in my life, any cosmetic procedures would be like trying to paint racing stripes on a dump truck. I'll be fine.

August 10, 2011 Davenport, FL


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