In my three and a half years at POZ , few tasks have been as difficult as deciding which treatments to cover. Only those backed by large, controlled clinical trials? Or also those with small—or no—supportive studies, but a score of success stories (see, for example, “Rubdown Lowdown")? It would be easy to simply judge by the slick pharmaceutical press releases clogging my “in” box or the column inches spent on big-company drugs in the leading treatment newsletters. But to me, the lived experiences of people with HIV—often derided as “unscientific anecdotes”—carry equal weight. So while POZ reports on the valuable data from large trials—which, by the way, are urgently needed for unpatentable alternative therapies—we will always save an honored place for small-scale treatment studies and accounts of PWA survival. Why? Because my bottom line is what works for people.