Having unprotected sex and sharing needles are two well-documented modes of HIV transmission. Given alcohol’s ability to impair judgment and lower inhibitions, we wondered whether binge drinking should also be considered an HIV risk factor. Here’s what you had to say.

“I don’t think enough is being done to present alcohol consumption as a risk for HIV and other [sexually transmitted infections], unwanted pregnancy or sexual assault. In the work that I do [as a health educator], I emphasize the alcohol and drug connection. But I think many only focus on IV drug use.” 
—Cathy Start, Catskill, NY

“I’m a recovering addict and alcoholic. Booze is definitely an entity that increases the chance of infection because judgment is totally altered.”
—Tommie McNeil, Galveston, TX

“There’s not enough discussion. Perhaps because alcohol is a legal substance, people assume that [everyone] can control how much they drink, making it a matter of choice.”    
—Name Withheld