Anal Microbicides

Labs are testing jellies and jams to protect ladies from vaginal exposure to HIV. But gay men (and women!) could use back-door protection, too.

The Blues

Facing a lifetime of harsh meds and side effects, HIVers battle depression and worse. They deserve mental-health care and better R&D—not just more pills and support groups.

The Travel Ban

Blatantly discriminatory, the U.S. ban on immigration and HIV positive visitors also bars would-be parents from adopting foreign orphans with HIV.

Where It Hurts

As millions of Africans await HAART, many die at home or in hospices without morphine. Blame government opiate restrictions—not just poverty.

The Race Card

More than half of newly diagnosed U.S. HIVers are African Americans. The press needs to spill some ink on racism when covering cutbacks in HIV prevention, ADAP and Medicare.


Beyond urban circuit queens, crystal meth is numbing gay circles nationwide. The drug fuels sexual bingeing—which largely eludes drug rehab (and media coverage)—and rising HIV rates in young gay men.

The Latino “Down Low”

Bi married men account for a sizeable cohort of Latino HIV cases, so unwitting spouses are getting it, too. Homophobia and machismo don’t help.

Special Victims Unit

Sexual violence—marital rape, forced sex, domestic abuse and assault—brings the epidemic to women, girls, orphans and street children globally. Why aren’t women’s magazines on it?

Lock ’Em Up

The CDC is aiming prevention campaigns at HIVers—but it may be a slippery slope from advocates who urge positives to protect others to policies that criminalize HIV transmission.

Teen Spirit

When was the last time you read about the sex lives of HIV positive adolescents? Meet a generation that’s mastered med side effects but struggles with high school, dating and the prom.