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Forgotten Sons

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It always seem like a hate issue to me that if you are brought up to hate who you are, being gay, you will seek out love outside the family circle. Also, you will seek out sex, even unsafe sex, for it comes close to the love one thinks he or she needs. HIV cuts into, divides,and makes havoc of those who never get the love they should of have in life. I am saying it wrong but love and loving oneself help people to be happy and enjoy life; while self-hate destroys lives.

March 20, 2012 Brooklyn

Robert T. Jenkins

efforts, behaviors, as well as general Black-American issues with healthcare and prevention efforts know that a lot goes into every aspect of this issue. The commentary of Dr. Richardson of the University of Maryland on Black men "...already shackled by the chains of poverty, fatherlessness,..." and " mass incarceration,and a lack of educational opportunities. Definitely opens up doors for much needed further discussion.

February 7, 2012 South Suburban Chicago Metro


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