Since the early ’80s and largely without the support of their national leadership or white ASOs, African-American grass-roots groups have mobilized to fight AIDS, taking prevention and support services to the streets and homes of most major U.S. cities. The following organizations draw a diverse membership—from the clergy to the media—and focus on self-empowerment through public education and specialized assistance programs.


African-American HIV/AIDS Program of the American Red Cross
Contact your local chapter or call 703.206.7090
Trains instructors to share community-based information about HIV, particularly with teens. Also develops posters and other prevention materials targeting African Americans.

The Balm in Gilead
130 W. 42nd St., Suite 450
New York, NY 10036
212.730.7381 or 888.225.6243
Mobilizes African-American churches to respond to AIDS through conferences, radio programs, videos and community forums.

Leading for Life Campaign
(Harvard AIDS Institute)
651 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115
An advocacy project that brings together leaders from academia, media, medicine, politics and religion to develop national and local plans of action targeting HIV prevention among African Americans.

National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS
105 E. 22nd St., Suite 711
New York, NY 10010
Works to inform, coordinate and organize the volunteer efforts of clergy, elected officials and the media through community development, policymaking and fundraising.

National Minority AIDS Council
1931 13th St., NW
Washington, D.C. 20009
An association of more than 3,000 AIDS service organizations that target people of color. NMAC can provide local referrals to member agencies upon request.


African-American AIDS Support Services and Survival Institute (AMASSI)
105 S. Locust St.
Englewood, CA 90305
310.419.1969, hotline: 800.786.7448
A community center that provides services to PWAs as part of a wide range of cultural programs and events open to all races but with an emphasis on African-American life.

Black Coalition on AIDS
1042 Divisadero St.
San Francisco, CA 94115
A broad-based alliance providing education, services, treatment, emotional support and research in African-American communities.

Friends for Friends
P. O. Box 77075
Washington, DC 20013
Creates innovative grass-roots prevention programs to educate and inform the African-American community about HIV, including distribution of condoms and flyers at Metro rail stations and peer educators in public-housing communities.

Together Responsible Informed Black Empowered (TRIBE)
AIDS Project Arizona
4700 N. Central St., Suite 204
Phoenix, AZ 85012
TRIBE programs include a weekly rap group for women of color affected by HIV and a support group for HIV positive African Americans.

We the People
425 S. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
A coalition run by and for PWAs with a drop-in center, meals, clothing, support groups, drug and alcohol counseling and testing for HIV, other STDs, TB and CD4 counts. Ninety percent of members are African American.