Moving Politics: Emotion and ACT UP’s Fight Against AIDS
(The University of Chicago Press, cloth $65, paperback $23)
Deborah Gould, a former member of ACT UP Chicago, explores the pivotal roles that emotions played in the triumphs and troubles of the iconic grassroots activists AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power.

Talk Softly: A Memoir
(Seven Stories Press, $22)
With wisdom, Cynthia O’Neal, founder and president of Friends in Deed, the New York City–based HIV/AIDS and cancer support group, offers an unflinching memoir on serving those in need, navigating the AIDS crisis and embracing life and death.

(Lethe Press, $13)
This autobiographical compilation from HIV advocate and poet Steven Reigns is an intimate and unwaveringly brave journey from childhood into adulthood. Along the way, Reigns deals honestly with abuse, self-acceptance, HIV/AIDS and relationships.

How to Share Your HIV Diagnosis With Family, Friends and Sexual Partners
(Positive Light for Positive Living Books, $20)
LaShawn Fowler’s collection of stories describes the details of HIV disclosure. In one romantic tale, a couple connect in POZ Personals. Now, that’s a happy ending!