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U.S. Task Force Declines to Press for Widespread Baby Boomer Hep C Screens

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Yet everybody and their mother is pressing for 'mandatory' HIV testing. Witch-hunt, what? The forearm serial-number tattoos will begin in five minutes...

December 25, 2012 New England


This was a huge and inexplicable mistake which IMHO has everything to do with avoiding the absurdly expensive treatments available and in fact cure that has been all but ignored by the media since the ending of phase 3 trial which was halted by Gilead for reasons that are purely greed based and not ethical or scientific. Many folks will die because of this and many many will be infected. There are treatments, if there were none I would agree but this is easily cured and halted, just awful. shame

December 19, 2012 Beantown


This would be a huge mistake! anyone living healthy but testing positive will be denied insurance coverage and be categorized as having a pre-existing condition. Unless Obamacare kicks in.

December 6, 2012


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