WHAT: National Call to Commitment Day -- a daylong, coast-to-coast, off-the-hook, call-into-Congress campaign to urge legislators to provide adequate funding for AIDS programs.

WHEN: Monday, October 1, 2001

WHO: The National Association of People With AIDS and a network of national, regional and local AIDS organizations.

WHY: For 10 years, the Ryan White Care Act has provided federal funding for medical and other crucial support services to low-income HIVers. As President Bush nears the end of his first year in office, he’s making Ryan White history by becoming the first president to flat-fund the act -- even as medical costs skyrocket, services are cut and inflation and infections rise. NAPWA and network are asking citizens across the country not to let this stand without a showdown.

HOW: Let your fingers do the walking and your anger do the talking. The number for the central Capitol switchboard is: 800.648.3516

Got a call to action? Fax it to 212.675.8505.