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CDC Proposes Advising That Male Circumcision Helps Prevent HIV

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It would be interesting to see if the CDC would try to get European medicine to adopt this approach.. The US is obsessed with removing the male foreskin, which in my opinion is immoral. A condom used properly will protect one close to 100 percent against HIV and other std's. That "extra" protection is just to sell an ugly idea unfortunately. If they are advising consenting adults, fine, but the agenda is really to reverse the falling trend of circumcision in the US. Baby's have rights !

December 26, 2014 New York


continued - many more women die of breast cancer than men of HIV. "God" put the foreskin there for a reason. are these CDC Drs Jewish/Muslim/female? female circumcision in Africa is horrifying -male - not at all. what is wrong with you???

December 17, 2014


this is poor science at best... maybe 1% of newborn males will be at risk for HIV in 2030. Society would be much better off cutting the breasts off new females due to the much higher rate of female breast cancer. Do you think anyone would consider that??? and survive???? why is male genital mutilation acceptable??? if a teenage gay male thinks circumcision will help him reduce his risk by a few percentage points -- compared to consistent condom use and/or consistent PrEp use, his choice

December 17, 2014


Models presented at the Canadian Association for HIV Research conference in 2014 show that circumcision provides no statistically significant reduction in HIV risk where HIV prevalence among women is low. The 60% relative risk reduction amounts to an infinitesimal absolute risk reduction for an American man, and the strains of HPV that most commonly cause cancer and genital warts are vaccine-preventable.

December 6, 2014


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