D.O.B.: June 10, 1990
Tested Positive: 1990
Hospital Trips: 218
Dream Catcher: In May, McDonalds and Disney, in conjunction with the UN, chose her as one of 2,000 Millennium Dreamers, young ambassadors making a global difference.
Pez Dispensary: This close to fourth grade and already a long-term survivor, Lopez packs PB&J in her lunch box; Viracept, d4T and 3TC in her pillbox.
Mini-Me: “I want to be like my mother.” That's PWA powerhouse Michelle Lopez.
Best Friend: “Felicia Simpson. Me and her get along even though we argue.” About? “Little things.” Like? “I call her ugly. She calls me a brat.” Are you? “Oh yeah.”
Broad Fan Base: Since they met at Camp Heartland last summer, spiritual big sis is fellow Gemini and HIVer Hydeia Broadbent, 16, star of a FUBU clothing ad.
Beats Britney: “She put up Hydeia's ad on her wall,” Michelle says. “She said, ‘Mommy, they let her be a model!' And it identified Hydeia as an AIDS activist. Raven doesn't want to be seen as just a kid with HIV, either. She's an educator.”
Media-Sassy: With all the attention, is she used to reporters? Quoth this Raven, “They ask too many questions.”