I’m a daily user of complementary therapies for HIV—everything from vitamins to magical sachets—and a dyed-in-the-wool downers devotee. I also have more household candles than Liberace. So I feel pretty qualified to size up Valiumello, Aromapharmacy’s vanilla and sandalwood candle. The instructions read: “Light candle. Empty brain. Repeat often to help calm nerves and relieve anxiety.”

This can get you started, but for real aromatherapeutics, let’s cut to the chase— incense and essential oils. Incense is available in stick, block or, best of all, a powdered form that is sprinkled over a small, smoldering charcoal block. Essential oils, which may be applied to pulse points on the body, can be found in botanicas or herbalist shops. For healing or relaxation, try lotus, eucalyptus, carnation or rosemary. If Valiumello sparks your interest, you can set a match to other Aromapharmacy candles—Niagra (think Viagra), Cramprin (for PMS relief) or Hung Over.  

—Scott Williams
New York City

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