Opening the cover of a book can immediately transport you into another realm. Take part in a daredevil adventure, become lost in a whirlwind romance, relive an epic battle, get inspired to tap into your spirituality or finally learn how to grow that garden. There are countless reasons to read, but one of the most treasured, perhaps for people with HIV, is the chance to escape your everyday world and the stress that comes with HIV. Getting lost in a book allows you to try on a new character or experience a new way of life—and to learn about yourself and others along the way—all without ever leaving the sheets.

Five Ways to Change Your Life With a Good Book

  1. Host a book swap. Invite a group over for cocktails and appetizers, and set the price of admission at one gently used book. Then grab a glass of wine and get acquainted with new people and new books. Loneliness is not good for people with HIV.
  2. Make it a family affair. 
Turn a family game night into reading night. Take turns picking the book and spend time getting to know each other and a 
new story.
  3. Join the club. 
Join a book club or form your own. Get together once a month to sharpen your powers of debate, interpret critical works and laugh or cry over passages that moved you.
  4. Listen up. 
Turn off the morning shock jocks and pop in an audio book. Spend your commute listening to the melodic songs of poetry, learning a new language, or following along as an author reads his or her story. 
  5. Fall in love. 
Every one of us is a sucker for a good romance. Linger in bed and give yourself permission to curl up and lose yourself in the beauty of a heart-wrenching tale.
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