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Keeping AIDS at Bay in Cuba

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angel tur

outbreak of Neuropathy originated in the lack of proteins that cubans were obtaining from a 16th century survaivalist diet, today thousands of cubans are blind or neurologically afected due to this disease. The articulist seems to forget that in this paradise that he portraits of Cuba, people have access to see a Doctor for free, but no access whatsoever to aspirin, ibuprophen, x-rays, MRI, CT-Scans, epidurals, etc,etc,etc...unless you are a member of the ruling class, or a foreing journalist.

June 4, 2010 Lexington, KY

angel tur

The articulist forgets to mention that htose man sent to Africa were victims of Castro's war games in Angola, more than 10 000 Cubans died there as pawns of his derailed megalomania. The articulist forgets to mention that AIDS programs in Cuba were extremely costly for the country but "necesary" as part of Castro's "in your face" propaganda against USA and the "imperialists". While in the early 90's HIV/AIDS patients lived in that "paradise" of Los Cocos, the whole country went through a severe

June 4, 2010 Lexington, KY

Doug Barnes

I spent several weeks in Havana during world AIDS day in the mid 90's. Neighborhood events dealing with AIDS were organized by community activists. Whole families came out to discuss AIDS and prevention in a compassionate way. People with AIDS spoke of how their financial support, medical needs and family support was provided by the government. And i spent time with individual activists seeing how they provided pier education. We have a lot to learn from how Cuba dealt with this crisis.

December 2, 2009 Seattle


Could you imagine if R. Reagan had reacted like Cubans did in early years. Hundred of thousend´s life would be saved and would be still living. I hope one day we will truly depict the psychotic minds of our world, both Bush and Reagan will be among.

October 3, 2009 Toronto

S Blotenkämper

I have been flying to Havanna the last nearly 10 years, as I work as a flight attendant. This article is total propaganda crap - it's truely disgusting. I know from first hand, that segregation of Aids patients is still on. Nowadays they are brought to one of the many small islands off Cubas coast.

September 18, 2009 Frankurt


Enjoyed your article! I am saddened about the comments that have negative political content. Having been to Cuba many times while visitng friends & family. The cuban people are very smart and "not the political puppets" as one would think.HIV/AIDS is well talked about and the Cuban people are well informed. One easily sees prevention advertizements both on television and billboards. Cuba does get alot of tourism from European countries and prostution is common. So prevention is needed.

August 31, 2009 California


The authors make no mention of their sources, so apparently they are repeating the government propaganda delivered by the people they encountered, all of whom can only say what the government there will allow, or they get in trouble. Anyway, the inhumane level of government control and disrespect for freedom of their supposedly successful plan is appalling. Apparently POS fell into the Cuban trap by publishing this.

August 30, 2009 Washington, DC

Leslie Cohen

Cuba's policy should be held as a gleaming example for the rest of the world. I hope this article is widely disseminated amongst health care workers and policy-makers internationally. The world has a lot to learn from Cuba!

August 30, 2009 Kibbutz Ein Hashofet


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