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WikiLeaks Reveals Hardships for HIV-Positive Cubans

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It's one thing to live with it and it's another thing to have Aids stamped on your ID card. Needed petition to be organized and sent to the Cubans Embassy of USA and Canada. Aids stamped on ID card is a non ethical disclosure in my opinion. Having it inscribe on the Medi-Alert Bracelets is much more discreet than and serves a purpus for the health workers in case where we can't communicate because of accidents...

January 3, 2011 Montreal

Carter 100

Actually, Sabazius in Vancouver BC who made the first comment, the article isn't actually about the conditions themselves, but about the fact that these are the conditions that were reported to the US government about Cuba via an undercover nurse, and that we only know about this because this was revealed in the Wikileaked cables Did you read the article?

January 2, 2011 New York


Let's look at it in perspective. You stigmatize PWA's with your extreme views. Yes it can be AIDS/HIV on a ID Card but you don't know zip. Health care for HIV is better then you've said here. But the education system which was world class is failing, poverty is worse, the economy hits them 10 x's what it does to you and me. It also has the lowest HIV transmission rate - or new cases in the world. Education is better then USA or CANADA or EUROPE. It's very one view only in this article.

December 31, 2010 Vancouver BC


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