With the welter of HIV meds on the market, accurate, current and user-friendly info about treatment options can be scarce. Now there’s a website, AIDSmeds.com, that fills the bill. Founder Peter Staley and writers Spencer Cox and POZ contributing editor Tim Horn -- HIVers and veteran treatment activists all -- offer sharp, sometimes sharp-tongued summaries. (Medical oversight is provided by AIDS clinician and researcher Michael Sheran, MD.) Launched last March, the website is already logging more than 30,000 visitors a month.

The site’s specialty is a drug-interaction search engine. Enter your list of meds and receive a rundown of possible drug-drug and drug-food interactions. You can also learn the likely consequences of adding a new drug to your regimen. There are simple, clear “lessons” on common treatment questions (such as blood tests, changing therapies and side effects), definitions of terms and forums on any topics readers want to discuss, all organized in an easy-to-find format.

The for-profit site is supported by commercial advertising (Staley wryly notes that he founded it “to continue to help people living with HIV and to finally get myself off disability”), but my review of AIDSmeds.com suggests that its content is balanced and fair.