Love and marriage. Get covered through your spouse’s plan— or your lover’s, if his or her company offers domestic-partner bennies.

Veterans’ affairs. Whether you fought on the front lines or served as an Army florist, you’re eligible for Veterans Health Administration (VHA) insurance, which provides cutting-edge care...and meds for just $7 a copay! Call 877.222.VETS or visit

Risky business. High-risk pools (available in 29 states) come with long waiting lists, huge deductibles, caps on lifetime benefits and premiums averaging $3,000 a year (CARE/HIPP or HIPP programs may foot the bill). But they’ll protect you under HIPAA until something better comes along. Find out more at

Nailed to the cross. Blue Cross Blue Shield’s “minimum coverage” or “special care”plans likely won’t pay for all the care you’ll need but will keep you covered under HIPAA. Go to for more info.