DO: Good-fat
The Mediterranean dines on antioxidants and lipid lowerers: unsaturated fats (like olive oil) and omega-3 fatty acids (in fish) plus whole grains—with a glass of red wine. Heart healthy.

DO: Good-carb
Diets like South Beach target heart health, focusing on complex carbs and unsaturated fats. This easy-to-stick-with plan can help HIVers control insulin, cholesterol and weight.

DO: Balanced  
Balance stars in the Zone. Meals match a specific carb/ protein/fat ratio, using healthy foods. Some experts say it’s good for HIVers—especially for those with blood-sugar ills.

DON’T: Low-carb
Diets like Atkins and Scarsdale banish almost all carbs so you’ll burn fat instead. That’s unbalanced nutrition—and effects on HIVers are unknown. HIV diet pros say nay.