Some 3,500 U.S. HIVers and activists kicked off the Campaign to End AIDS—and their shoes. They left 8,500 pairs outside the White House May 5 to signify the daily number of global AIDS deaths.

On May 2, Brazil became the first country to reject a $40 million U.S.AIDS grant—because it required recipient orgs nationwide to condemn prostitution, legal in Brazil.

ACT UP Paris members doused pharma giant Pfizer’s French headquarters with blood April 26, protesting the company’s testing of potentially harmful experimental drugs on ailing HIVers.

Uganda’s Anglican Bishop Jackson Nzerebende Tembo rejected a Pennsylvania diocese’s $350,000 donation for AIDS programs March 18,citing that diocese’s support of the Episcopal Church’s first gay bishop, also an American.

In March, Iran’s fundamentalist Islamic government announced an unusually progressive plan to build 105 free health centers, offering needle exchange, methadone treatment, condoms and HAART.

Singapore barred a gay Los Angeles– based Christian-pop duo from an April 3 AIDS awareness concert, arguing that the performance would promote homosexuality.