Conservatives in Mexico vow to fight the nation’s new proposal to  put condom machines in public high schools to halt HIV and teen pregnancy.

In May, Trinidad and Tobago opened the nation’s first public HIV-testing center. Previous clinics served only pregnant women.

Millions in excused international debt dollars will be spent to rush free HIVmeds to 100,000 PWAs, Zambia officials  announced in June.

France’s prez, Jacques Chirac, proposed a global airfare tax—adding $1 to all international tickets to raise AIDS funds—for debate at July’s G8summit.

India trumpeted a May 25 study that showed HIV cases dropping 95% from 2003 to 2004. Facing an international howl, an expert came forth to confess that the drop was due to “changes” in how the data were collected.

In June, Malaysia’s health minister unveiled a plan to give free condoms nationwide, sparking a backlash by Muslim clerics and politicians, who insist that Allah wants only married HIVers to have them.