61 percent of Kentucky teens vowing abstinence had sex within a year—and were less likely to use condoms than those not pledging chastity, a Northern Kentucky U. survey revealed.

Prime Minister Sam Hinds of Guyana—South America’s HIV epicenter—became one of the world’s few politicians to walk the walk, leading an annual Walk-a-Thon against HIV stigma.

HIV drugs are scarcer in Eastern Europe than in parts of Africa, the chair of an October European AIDS conference said, warning of skyrocketing deaths in the former Soviet bloc.

South African experts argue that growing up parentless will not push Africa’s 12 million AIDS orphans into crime, militias or sex work—unless society fails to care for them.

Marriage is India’s top HIV risk—nearly 90 percent of positive women contracted the virus from their husbands, the International Labor Organization found.

Indonesian Muslim clerics trained by UN honoree Achmad Ramadhan preach openly on the taboo subject of HIV prevention, citing the Koran’s frankness on social problems.