U.S. hip-hop fans who volunteer to take HIV tests can win a chance to see Mary J. Blige or Beyoncé in concert. Tickets-for-Testing aims to halt AIDS in the black community, especially among young women.

In Ecuador, the rock sensation Cacería de Lagartos (Lizard Hunters) has teamed with the Red Cross to sing HIV’s dangers to young people.

Radio stations in Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Angola and Liberia have begun airing soap operas about everyday HIVers’ lives to educate and inspire listeners.

Israeli security forces foiled Palestinian extremists’ plans to explode a bomb laced with HIV-infected blood during a Passover suicide attack.

Brit experts warn that the May expansion of the European Union to include HIV hot spots Ukraine, Belarus and Russia will push sex workers westward—and that they’ll bring the virus and healthcare crises with them.

Cambodian sex workers refused to participate in a Gates Foundation–funded study of the HIV drug tenofovir after insurance coverage for possible side effects was denied.