Mexico’s Democratic Revolution Party wants to bar the armed forces from terminating HIVer personnel, saying the policy is discriminatory and wastes experience and training.

Chile’s HIV-public-affairs chief was fired on May 12 for distributing free condoms—accompanied by an article with the government’s insignia—inside the state-owned newspaper, La Nacion, only days after divorce became legal.

In South Africa, where public figures rarely reveal their personal ties to AIDS, opposition party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi told thousands of mourners at the April 30 funeral of his son Prince Nelisuzulu Benedict Buthelezi that he had died of AIDS.

A British-government study reports that U.K. schoolchildren under 16 are significantly less likely to engage in full intercourse when taught to consider alternate forms of intimacy, such as oral sex.

In southern Sudan, the genocide and rape of ethnic African Sudanese continues, threatening refugees and rapists with equatorial-dwelling microbes, such as West Nile, Ebola and HIV.

Australian government researchers have cautioned that a fear-based TV campaign starring the Grim Reaper is ineffective in combating the recent uptick in gay HIV infections.