Manitoba, Canada called off an order for vanilla-, strawberry- and banana-flavored rubbers for its jails after conservatives railed against “flavored condoms for criminals.”

In largely Christian Barbados, Deputy Prime Minister and Attorney General Mia Mottley has called for legalization of homosexuality, prostitution and condoms in prisons.

Portugal —which has decriminalized drug use and opened safe heroin-injection sites to prevent HIV—is now debating safe-injection rooms inside prisons.

Natural deaths in South African prisons have quadrupled over the past eight years—due largely to HIV, according to the Inspecting Judge of Prisons.

In Iran—where needle-sharing, especially in prisons, accounts for most HIV cases—ex-inmates report as many as 500 peers using the same syringe.

In Bangkok, Thailand jails, IV-drug users in holding cells awaiting trial face a much higher HIV risk when swapping needles than those imprisoned after sentencing, a new study found.