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At the End of Your Rope?

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Ian Leffler

Great Article, It is good to see we are talking about these issues again! I am a long time survivor too! Since 1987 and it took me years to find a drug that seems to work. Atripla

November 19, 2010 Colorado Springs


I take the same three drugs now with the addition of Norvir and am finally undetectable with cd4s approaching 200! It's been a literal life saver.

November 2, 2010 Ormond Beach, FL


Thanks for the article. I have been Pozitive for almost 30 years and have shown a viral load about half of the time. My t-cells are finally up tp the upper 400's but I suspect that I am on the latest drugs now, resistant to most others. This is very helpful info. Thanks, Joel

November 2, 2010 Phippsburg, ME


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